Tradition and innovation inside the overseas’ biodiversity.


The use of “zèb chawpantyé” for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, dates back to the American Indians. The plant was named after a carpenters’ habit who used to set the plant near their workshops as they got frequently injured. The presence of flavonoids and umbelliferones explains its efficiency and its traditional use.

From many years of researches, Bioven® combines “zèb chawpantyé” active molecules (promoting lymphatic drainage and the return of the blood into the veins). Bioven® tones tired and heavy legs. This gel provides, upon application, a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being. A study by an independent clinical research laboratory observed an anti-heavy legs significant effect on 85% of the subjects who used the product.



Massage 2 to 3 times a day the legs going from bottom to top, doing circular motions to facilitate lymphatic drainage. Do not apply on wounds and mucous membranes.