Tradition and innovation inside the overseas’ biodiversity.


“Gomyé Rouj” was named after the color of its trunk. Its bark oozes after incision, a whitish and aromatic resin. It is traditionally used as wadding plaster to treat dislocations. This preparation from Caribbean folk medicine dates back to the 19th century and is known as “siwan”.

To soothe muscles and joints pain, Phytobôkaz laboratory allied the traditional medical use of “gomyé rouj” and “zèb chawpantyé”. Rumago® combines the umbelliferone and flavonoids from “zèb chawpantyé” that promote a good blood circulation and the active molecules of “gomyé rouj” that soothes the pain. Already widely used by athletes, its texture and essential oils provide freshness and well-being almost immediately.



  • Massage 2-3 times a day on the affected areas. Apply as a poultice on painful joints.
  • Sport: after work out, use as a massage gel and poultice.
  • Do not apply on wounds and mucous membranes.