Tradition and innovation inside the overseas’ biodiversity.


The properties of “zèb a pik” have been known for a long time. Over 5000 years ago, in Central America, the Maya used it to cope with the cold season. In Guadeloupe, it is used for 170 years to treat chills. In other parts of the Caribbean it is also used to fight against fevers, colds and coughs.

Researches have shown that the active molecules of “zèb a pik” strengthen the body’s natural defense system.

Virapic® syrup is a patented formula by Phytobôkaz laboratories, whose active molecules are stabilized. Virapic® helps you coping with seasons changing, stress and fatigue. If you use it when the first signs of discomfort appear, it will also contribute in recovering your wellbeing.



1 teaspoon morning and evening in case of chill. Contains alcohol. For adult use only.